[twill] problem with form processing

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Fri Oct 27 22:29:44 PDT 2006

-> I'm using the latest code as per the website (0.8.5).  Is there and SVN
-> repository or something else that I can use to get newer code?
-> I see this problem on two different linux machines, but not on a Mac,
-> all of which have, I think, the same version of twill installed.
-> Can you point me to which module or python file does the form parsing,
-> so I can confirm that it is the latest code and where the problem is?


you can download the latest "in development" version at


The form processing is done by twill/other_packages/ClientForm.py.
However, I bet that the problem is that 'tidy' is not installed on
your Linux machines. tidy is a binary program which cleans up HTML;
twill runs all HTML through it if it is present.  It appears to
be installed by default on Macs.

If you do

	config require_tidy 1

then you should get an error message if tidy isn't installed when you
retrieve a page.


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