[twill] question about twill's functionality

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Mon Oct 23 17:37:51 PDT 2006

-> Thanks a lot for your quick response! Twill is pretty cool.

well, thanks ;)

-> Two questions:
-> 1.   File "postcost.py", line 10
->     fv 1 origin_zip "211300"
->        ^
-> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
-> Why do I get this error?

Use twill-sh to run the file, instead of Python ;).

In Python-speak, that would be

	from twill.commands import *
	fv('1', 'origin_zip', '211300')

-> 2. how do I extract the field value from the web? For example, they have 
-> the field name for the authentication code as "vImageCode".

I'm not sure what format it's in -- can I see the Web site, or (if not)
can you run through what you would normally do with a Web browser
and what you want to automate?


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