[twill] "No module name mechanize" error when trying to run twill

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Wed Nov 29 23:01:50 PST 2006

-> Probably a newbie problem.  I installed twill using "easy_install twill" on
-> windows running Python 2.5 and now get the following error when trying to
-> launch twill (via import twill.shell and twill.shell.main() from the Python
-> prompt).  I get the same error when using twill-sh.

hi, Stewart,

it's 'cause I'm an idiot and don't work on Windows.  Ramon Felciano
noted this problem a while ago & I just integrated his fix -- please try
again after doing an

	easy_install http://darcs.idyll.org/~t/projects/twill-latest.tar.gz

My apologies,

p.s. The fix was to remove '/' from the sys.path.insert statements in

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