[twill] Twill form parsing error depending on br tag formatting (missing form fields)

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sun Nov 5 20:42:39 PST 2006

-> Given the following HTML:
-> <html>
->  <head>
->   <title>Broken</title>
->  </head>
->  <body>
->   <form name="login" method="post" action="test.cgi">
-> This works:<br />   <input name="username_ok" type="text" />
-> This does not:<br/>   <input name="username_whereami" type="text" />
->   </form>
->  </body>
-> </html>
-> twill finds the first input field but misses the second one. This appears to be because the BR tag is immediately closed rather than with an intermediate space (i.e. <br/> instead of <br />).
-> I believe this is legal HTML as well as XML. Any suggestions?

Hi, Ramon,

'tidy' cleans it up by converting <br/> to <br> on my system, which
makes me suspect that it may not be valid HTML.  Perhaps it's
valid XHTML?

John, do you have any thoughts?


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