[twill] Extending Twill Question

Austin cargol at cs.washington.edu
Fri May 26 16:01:38 PDT 2006


I'm pretty new to twill and python in general (installing both just 
yesterday :)) and was looking to see how I might add a couple new 
functions for personal use or if anyone was interested (I am not very 
clear on how the licensing works.) but need a bit of help getting started.

The first function is just forward, it looks like beyond adding 
functions in commands.py and browser.py, the real changes would have to 
be made in _mechanize.py since the History class doesn't seem to have 
any support for going forward. It also doesn't seem to know what the 
current page is which makes things a bit more difficult. I think I need 
to store the current page in the History class, and then make some kind 
of modifications in _mech_open, and to the functions defined in the 
history class. Is this the right direction for doing this, or am I 
missing something else?

Second, I would like to be able to follow a link by its number printed 
out after using showlinks.

I added to commands.py:

def followbynum(num):
     >> follow <link#>

     Visit the page at position link# in the list returned by showlinks.
     return browser.get_url()

and to browser.py:

def follow_link_num(self, linknum):
         Follow the link by its number on the page.
         links = self._browser.links()

             linknum = int(linknum)
             self._journey('follow_link', links[linknum - 1])
             print>>OUT, '==> at', self.get_url()
         except ValueError:
         except IndexError:

         return None

This seems to work right now, but I'm afraid there's something I am 
missing, or some error case that I'm not considering.

Anyways, very cool experience so far.



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