[twill] some more changes

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Mon May 1 15:22:34 PDT 2006

Hi folks,

I was hoping to send these out earlier, but (as usual for the last few
weeks) work interfered...

Briefly, if you'd like to test a range of different values in forms,
check out the csv_iterate extension module; argparse has been upgraded
in a few nice ways; and (apparently not noted in the ChangeLog, sigh)
I fixed up the mailman_sf extension module.  You can read about that
last bit here:


I actually put some time into working on a recorder that should go in
by release 0.9, too, which was nice!

You can grab these changes in the usual places,







2006-04-29  Titus Brown  <t at issola.caltech.edu>

	* Added (re-added!?) test-wsgi-intercept.py test.

	* 'execute_string' no longer resets context, unlike 'execute_file'.

	* Fixed a few miscellaneous problems with argparse.get_args; added
	  optional 'require' argument to get_args.

	* added 'interactive' flag to twill.shell; turned off verbose
	  output for 'extend_with' command if not interactive.

2006-04-24  Titus Brown  <t at issola.caltech.edu>

	* Added csv_iterate module.

	* Fixed argparse to use $arg1...$argN instead of $arg0.

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