[twill] How to output text on the screen to a log file

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Tue Mar 28 08:28:33 PST 2006

-> I updated to the latest egg (twill-0.8.5a1-py2.4.egg) on windows using
-> easy_install and it worked like a charm.
-> I didn't open the file while I ran the script. Actually, I tried both
-> versions using twill-sh script and python script but the result was the
-> same. The file was still there after I exited twill, but its filesize is
-> 0 byte as I said. 
-> One more thing to say about twill, when I ran the script (either
-> twill-sh or python) I always have a warning/message when I use go
-> ('http://url'), given the url is localhost or www.ebay.com : "The
-> process cannot access the file because it is being used by another
-> process" and it still ran to the end of the script just fine. 
-> Do you have any clue what it was?

You can try the 'config run_tidy 0' that I suggested to Alex...
otherwise not sure.  Sounds like I'll have to go find a Windows box and
install it for myself ;).


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