[twill] Summer of Code, and twill contest.

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Fri Mar 24 09:22:19 PST 2006

Hey folks,

last night at the SoCal Piggies meeting, we briefly discussed the idea
of designing some twill or twill-related projects for the Google Summer
of Code.  (I'm not sure that they're doing it again, actually, but I
figure it wouldn't hurt to think about it anyway.)  Does anyone have any
thoughts on possible SoC projects?

I'd like to push two projects, myself:

  (a) pulling a JavaScript interpreter out of some OSS browser (Mozilla,
  	presumably) and wrapping it in such a way that it is accessible
	to Python, and maybe Perl/Ruby/PHP.

	This could make it possible for twill to understand JS, and also
	seriously benefit a lot of other Web testing projects.

  (b) building a twill-ish syntax for Selenium Driven Mode, and maybe
  	simplifying the Driven Mode in a few ways, too.

Separately, at some point in the not-to-distant future (say ~6 mo) I
may be able to offer some computer- or testing-related swag from a
large-ish computer publisher.  I was thinking of making up a little
context -- something like "neatest extension module for twill", or
some such.  Any thoughts on whether or not this would be worthwhile?
I sometimes feel like the horizons I've set for twill aren't that
distant or unobtainable, but I'm sure you all are more creative than
that ;).


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