[twill] how do you fill text box in a form so that it returns new line?

Norman Khine nkhine at itaapy.com
Mon Mar 20 06:50:02 PST 2006

i have form:
Form name=addquesansform
## __Name__________________ __Type___ __ID________ __Value__________________
   type                     select    (None)       [''] of ['', 'MCQ',
   code                     text      (None)       
   title                    textarea  (None)      

   options                  textarea  (None)      

   correct_options          text      (None)       
   answer                   textarea  (None)      

1                           submit    (None)       Add

and want to add a new line to the text box 'options' , so that the text
is listed one after the other.

>> fv addquesansform  options  'lin1 line2 .... line n'

 so that on the form it is:

line n


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