[twill] twill & spidermonkey?

John Mudd johnbmudd at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 14:35:20 PST 2006

I just found twill, it's great!  I especially like that it's not
integrated into a browser like Selenium.   My reason is that I have to
ssh to another Linux box, start my browser there to access the web
server on a Solaris box.  Using ssh causes the browser to appear on my
home Linux system but requires a lot of net traffic which slows
testing.  Using twill I get fast results.

Except the web app uses JavaScript so now I'm preparing to give
Selenium a try after all.  I'll have the added challenge of running
Selenium on a different box than the web app.  Even if it works I'm
afraid it will be slow.

It's hard to walk away from twill.  I don't know if the following is
even feasible but I have to ask.  Since there's a Python interface to
spidermonkey (JavaScript) is there any chance for twill to handle
JavaScript in the future?


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