[twill] Newbie question on approach to following links

Terry Peppers peppers at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 14:55:03 PDT 2006

Hi Hal -

This probably isn't the correct answer, but when I'm trying to access
certain elements of a page I've been using Beautiful Soup with decent

Something like - maybe:

from twill commands import *
from twill import get_browser
from BeutifulSoup import BeautifulSoup


page = get_browser().get_html()

soup = BeautifulSoup(page)

cell = soup('td' : {'class' : 'if cell has a classname it helps'})



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> Subject: [twill] Newbie question on approach to following links
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> I'm trying to learn twill with a "simple" example of scraping a web
> page and sending an email based on content.
> I'm not fully groking what to do in python, and what to have twill do.
> Suggestions welcome, or pointers to any similar example welcome.
> Basically, I want to scrape a tinderbox status page, which is a big
> table. Cell data consists of 3 links followed by text. If the text
> contains 'errs:', then I want to follow one of the preceding links. In
> pseudo code:
>   find cell with 'junit' in it
>   if cell also has 'errs:' in it, then follow the 2nd link prior to
> this position.
> I can use 'find' to get the cell data. What I'm confused about is if
> there is any support in twill for it to parse the preceding links, or
> if I do that in python then pass the extracted URL to 'follow'? Or
> should I just write an extension to add that? Or is there a way to
> know that my 'find' is between links X & Y, so I can just access
> showlinks()[X-1].
> Thanks
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