[twill] Problem with file upload using formfile

Swati Bendale swati at gs-lab.com
Wed Jul 19 05:31:15 PDT 2006

Hi Titus,

I am attaching with this e-mail, the pickle files created using 'scotch' for 
twill (twill11.pickle) and browser (browser11.pickle). I am also attaching 
the files with request/response traffic traced while running the twill 
script (twilltraffic.txt) and browsing (browser-traffic.txt) for the purpose 
of uploading the file.

Please let me know if these files would help you trace the error I am 
getting while using the twill script to perform file upload functionality.

Best regards.

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>-> Sorry for delay in reply. As I was busy automating other stuff which had
> -> higher priority,  I could not send you the twill traffic recording and 
> the
> -> browser traffic recording.
> ->
> -> I followed the procedure as mentioned by you on Windows. I downloaded 
> the
> -> wsgirwef package. But it seems there is some problem running the
> -> run-recording-proxy.py.
> -> 1) If I do not provide the option values on the command prompt, I get 
> an
> -> empty twill-traffic.pickle file even after browsing to the application 
> with
> -> upload functionality (here  I edited the run-recording-proxy.py file at
> -> line no.18 and 20 to change the default host and port number).
> ->
> -> 2) When I provide the option values at command prompt I get error. I am
> -> attaching the error lines I get while running the 
> run-recording-proxy.py
> -> with this e-mail.
> ->
> -> Please direct me as to what to do next or please let me know any 
> additional
> -> steps to be followed on Windows to get the run-recording-proxy.py file
> -> running successfully.
> Hi, Swati,
> it sounds like you're not actually hitting the proxy.  Are you sure you
> have the proxy settings set correctly?
> If you stop run-recording-proxy.py and try to browse, your browser
> should complain that the proxy isn't running.  Then, after restarting
> run-recording-proxy, you should see proxy output for each URL request
> that goes through.
> cheers,
> --titus 
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