[twill] Some recent twill code changes.

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sun Jul 9 00:48:43 PDT 2006

Hi folks,

Here are some recent changes; I'm still just beginning to move towards 0.9,
but some people are enamored of the bleeding edge, so... ;)

The big news (?) is that I'm updated to the latest mechanize code.  The
test suite passes, but I'm sure I've missed some problems.

I've also added newline processing, so that '\n' is interpreted properly
in strings.

Finally, you can now use 'twill-sh /some/directory/path' to execute all
scripts under that directory path.


2006-07-09  Titus Brown  <t at issola.caltech.edu>

        * Finished fixing up the HTML processing code to the latest mechanize.

2006-07-07  Titus Brown  <t at issola.caltech.edu>

        * added newline '\n' processing in arguments.  still need to test.

        * added utils.gather_files to gather script files from subdirectories.


You can download eggs at


and of course it's available at the usual projects page,



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