[twill] runfile with more than one arg?

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Tue Feb 28 16:33:56 PST 2006

-> I'm trying to use runfile with more than one argument (just like the 
-> doocs say you can).  However each time i give it  more than one file 
-> name it says:
-> "error mesage runfile() takes exactly one argument (2 given)"
-> I have written this: runfile test1 test2
-> what gives?  Am I writing this incorrectly or is TWill?

hi, Peri,

runfile splits filenames based on spaces, so you'd have to do

	runfile "file1 file2 file3"

which is kind of silly.

looking at the code, I'm unclear on why 'runfile' works the way it
does... so I changed it to do what you'd expect ;).  Now

	runfile file1 file2 file3

should work.

I've posted it in the usual places; you can grab the eggs (0.8.5a4) at


or the latest .tar.gz at


thanks for letting me know!


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