[twill] Passing local html files to twill?

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Thu Feb 16 23:21:45 PST 2006

-> Hi,
-> I want to write a twill test function that will
-> a.  browser to a given url
-> b.  test to see if the page returned is the expected page or not
-> In order to test that the test itself is working correctly, I want to  
-> pass sample "known good" and "known bad" html pages to the test  
-> function, and see if it passes or fails.
-> I have a directory containing of a bunch of sample html pages.  I  
-> tried to "browse" to a file in the directory, but it didn't work.   
-> How can I pass an html file to twill so that I can use twill's  
-> assertion code?  Is there a better way to do what I want to do?   
-> Thanks for any help you may wish to provide.

Hi, Chris,

'file' URLs should now work.  Try grabbing the latest version of twill,
0.8.4a2, in egg format at


or in a .tar.gz package at


and let me know how it works!

The problem was that result objects returned from 'file://' URLs didn't
have a return code.  I patched this by assuming that any open that
didn't return an OSError (file not found) was == code 200; let me know
how this assumption stands ;).


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