[twill] Capturing Error Output/Nicely

Terry Peppers peppers at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 07:58:18 PDT 2006

I think Titus knows that I really enjoy using Twill. And things are heating
up here @ work so that we'll end up using it more. But I think one of my
personal hangups with it is trying to track down errors that occur in our
application using Twill's 'show' command. I don't know about anyone else,
but my eyes just glaze over when I look @ HTML in a terminal. So I got to
thinking, isn't there a better way to do this?

Couldn't I write something in my Python scripts that could take a failed
assert, output Twill's 'show', Tidy it up and then pass it to Element Tree
or some other parser and output things that might be relevant to me? Maybe
the page title or some blocks of text or maybe error messages are passed in
a <div> block that has a name of 'error.'

Just thinking out loud, and something I'd like to see if others in the Twill
community are already doing.
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