[twill] latest updates

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Mon Apr 24 00:47:45 PDT 2006

Hi all,

below is the changelog for today's changes (plus one or two others that I
sprinkled in over the last few weeks...).


 - the 'argparse' extension is now actually useful, e.g. you can pass
   arguments in like so:

      twill-sh script1 script2 -- arg1 arg2

   and then retrieve arg1 and arg2 from within scripts.

 - added an extension to execute a script once for each row in a 
   comma-separated value file, so that you can iterate over premade
   data sets.

 - 'id' attributes in forms/form fields are now useful.

These changes are available in the usual places: as eggs, e.g. 0.8.5a5
on issola,

   easy_install -f http://issola.caltech.edu/~t/dist/

and as a .tar.gz at




2006-04-24  Titus Brown  <t at issola.caltech.edu>

	* Added csv_iterate module.

	* Fixed argparse to use $arg1...$argN instead of $arg0.

2006-04-23  Titus Brown  <t at issola.caltech.edu>

	* Fixed argparse to listen to arguments after '--' only.

	* Updated 'problems.txt' again with a Windows-specific 'tidy'
	  problem.  (aledain)

	* Refactored '_all_the_same...' code by moving it into utils.py.

	* browser.get_form() now checks for exact match to form ID.
	  (Uy Do)

	* browser.get_form_field() now checks for exact match to control ID
	  (Uy Do)

	* Updated ClientCookie to latest svn.

	* Added another weird form parsing error: </br> problems in forms.
	  (David Hancock)

	* Verified issue with ParseErrors caused by INPUTs in the wrong
	  place.  Put in test-broken-html.  Cannot fix easily... <sigh>
	  (Tomi Hautakoski)

	* Fixed wsgi_intercept/write_fn issue.

2006-04-13  Titus Brown  <t at issola.caltech.edu>

	* Changed 'save_html' to default to deriving the filename from the
	  URL (Tristan De Buysscher).

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