[twill] Using tidy to fix broken forms

Tomi Hautakoski thauta at iki.fi
Fri Apr 14 04:44:16 PDT 2006

Hello, and first of all thanks for the great work with twill!

I'm having a problem with forms not showing up. My goal is to automate 
the renewal of library loans with python & twill but after I login to the 
library system with twill I do not get any forms at all:

current page: https://oula.linneanet.fi/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi
 >> showforms
current page: https://oula.linneanet.fi/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi

This is the source code for the page:

And this is how it looks from a normal browsers point of view:

So basically it contains a table of checkboxes and a submit button for 
renewal. From the HTML-code I'm guessing that the uneven amount of <form> 
tags is the reason for this? Isn't this where the tidy should come for 
help and fix the code before twill processes it? How is it possible to 
know that twill is using tidy? It should be on my path:

[14:40:34] (twill-0.8.4) #tidy -v
HTML Tidy for Linux/x86 released on 1 September 2005

Both 0.8.4 and 0.8.5a4-py2.4 seem to work the same. Any suggestions?

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