[twill] Twill and SSL client authientication support

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sun Sep 18 14:19:32 PDT 2005

On Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 10:41:03PM +0200, Julien Gilli wrote:
-> Hello,
-> I would like to use automated web testing for a web application that is 
-> _based on_ ssl client authentication. Is there any way (a command, for 
-> example) to dinamically change the client certificate used to authenticate 
-> on the server ? Are there commands to retreive, parse and check the server 
-> certificate ? 
-> Reading the code let me think that ssl support commands are not implemented 
-> yet. Is this something being worked on ? Is this planned for a future 
-> release ? Would it be an interesting addition to Twill ?
-> Thank you very much for your attention, keep up the good work !

Hi, Julien,

I honestly don't know much about this use of SSL!  How would it work
from a Web browser?  I've never needed a client certificate before.

twill is based on mechanize, so it supports https URLs; I can check
through the mechanize code once I have a better idea of what you need,
and if it's just a matter of writing a few interface functions then
it'd be easy.

I expect it would be relatively easy to add commands to retrieve, parse,
and check the server certificate.


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