[twill] extend_with

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Thu Sep 8 20:52:15 PDT 2005

-> >('extend_with' works like 'from x import *')
-> Thanks!  FYI, for future readers, the following appears to be the  
-> correct syntax:
-> extend_with webbrowser
-> open http://www.google.com

I've updated docs & and put in an example; thanks!

-> Another question:  what's the canonical way for saving the html  
-> returned from the server?

There isn't one, currently.  What would you like it to be? ;)

A function to do it would look like this:

	from twill.commands import state
	open(filename, 'w').write(state.get_html())

but I'm happy to implement it as something.  Perhaps just 'save_page' or


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