[twill] bug with back and reload

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sat Oct 29 16:33:18 PDT 2005

On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 11:35:57AM +0300, Tommi Virtanen wrote:
-> Hi. It seems "back" does not really set the current URL back to the
-> previous one, atleast not in a way "reload" would understand.
-> The following patch makes the test script demonstrate the bug.
-> If you replace "reload" with "go /", it works, with reload it doesn't.

[ munch ]


I think this may have been something that I broke in mechanize to begin
with; in any case, I reverted to the behavior of the current mechanize
trunk source, and that fixed the problem.  Thanks for your diagnosis!

I fixed a number of other issues while I was debugging this, including
a problem with __url__ only getting updated at the time of the *next*

I also added an assertion command, 'url', that requires a regexp match
against the current URL to succeed...

-> PS. please allow non-subscribers to send mail to the list, the
->     current behaviour is frigging annoying.

OK, I changed it to 'hold'.  On my public lists, I've switched to
bouncing stuff from non-subscribers because of spam; if it becomes
a problem on this list, I'll figure something out.


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