[twill] 0.7.3, assume html patch

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Wed Oct 26 21:49:02 PDT 2005

-> G'day Titus,
-> The web server was consistently failing to send a Content-Type if twill
-> was used to query it during evening hours.  The debug http confirmed it.
-> Apparently some browsers assume it is text/html and proceed regardless.

Interesting!  Perhaps mechanize should do so automatically... I'd guess
not, tho ;)

-> The attached patch adds an assume_html() method to mechanize.  I know
-> you'd rather not take patches for something that is upstream of you, but
-> I thought I'd mention how it was solved in the end.  I could not find a
-> way to solve it without this change.

Patches are always welcome.  I'll communicate these on to John Lee (the
mechanize author) and see what he thinks.

Thanks for following through on this; I've been too busy to look into it
this week ;(.


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