[twill] 0.7.3, one site fails in Python, noreadonly patch

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sun Oct 23 23:38:29 PDT 2005

-> On Sun, Oct 23, 2005 at 10:52:38AM -0700, Titus Brown wrote:
-> > If that doesn't work, I'm truly mystified: you're using exactly the
-> > same commands that twill uses ;).  Let me know...
-> It behaved the same; claiming that the page is not HTML.
-> Alas, twill-sh is also now claiming the same; the page is not HTML.  So
-> I cannot reproduce the success I was having.


The error in mechanize comes from the following:

        ct = self._response.info().getheaders("content-type")
	return ct and ct[0].startswith("text/html")

If you use

> debug http 1

you'll be able to see if the content-type header is correctly set... It
may be that the server is only sometimes setting the header properly.


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