[twill] RELEASE: twill v0.7.3

C. Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Fri Oct 7 23:56:52 PDT 2005

ANNOUNCING twill v0.7.3.

twill is a simple Web scripting language built on top of Python and
John J. Lee's 'mechanize'.  It's designed for automated testing of Web
sites, but it should prove useful for anybody who needs to interact
with Web sites (especially those using logins and cookies) on the
command line or via a script.

twill can also now be used for stress-testing and benchmarking of
complex sites via the twill-fork script.

twill is a reimplementation of Cory Dodt's PBP.

A twill script looks like this:

   # go to the /. login page
   go http://slashdot.org/login.pl

   # fill in the form
   fv 1 unickname test
   fv 1 upasswd test

   # ok, there's no such account ;). show error HTML.


This is the fourth public release of twill, version 0.7.3.

(Tagline: "miscellaneous updates & twill-fork initial implementation")

Download directly here:


Documentation is online at



Miscellaneous details:

twill is implemented in Python and uses pyparsing and mechanize.  In
addition to the existing simple command language, twill can easily be
extended with Python.  twill also provides a fairly simple and
well-documented wrapper around mechanize.

twill scripts can be recorded with maxq, although scripts may require
some hand tweaking at the moment.  See the twill documentation for
more information.

twill does not understand JavaScript, I'm sorry to say.


Notable bug fixes and features:

  * added 'twill-fork' to allow multiprocess execution of twill-scripts
    for stress-testing & benchmarking;

  * image 'submit' buttons now allowed (Robert Leftwich);

  * added 'Accept: text/html' above */* (Nic Ferrier);

  * added 'run' to execute Python commands (Ed Rahn);

  * added 'runfile' to execute other scripts (Ed Rahn);

  * added $variable substitution (Ed Rahn);

  * added 'setglobal'/'setlocal' to go along with $variable subs;

  * increased code coverage of tests;

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