[twill] Hacked some new commands

sureshvv suresh_vv at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 29 22:02:04 PST 2005

James Cameron wrote:
> Suresh, when you publish changes like this (e.g. not a patch) then I
> have to wait for Titus to apply it to his darcs repository before I get
> to play with the new feature.  Could you learn darcs please?  It's very
> easy.  I can help you!
> My mail reader mutt can then ask me if I'd like to approve your change
> for pulling into *my* darcs repository of twill.  ;-)

I am a subversion guy myself at the moment. I have looked at the darcs site 
after playing with twill but have not downloaded it. I shall do that.
Thanks for the tip.

In any case, my goal was to see what people and Titus felt about including these 
kind of functions. Looks like Titus is already planning some template functions.
Not sure if this overlaps with the namespaces functionality also.


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