[twill] python2.4 dependence.

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Tue Nov 29 14:33:16 PST 2005

-> >Hi folks,
-> >
-> >I'm thinking about adding in some template-string features; see
-> >
-> >	http://docs.python.org/lib/node109.html
-> >
-> >The catch is that these features depend on Python 2.4.  Would it be a
-> >bad idea to require Python 2.4?
-> >
-> >Right now I develop under Python 2.3, and twill doesn't work with 2.2.
-> >
-> >At the moment I'm leaning towards sticking with 2.3 compatibility, but
-> >it'd be really nice to be able to make use of template strings.  alas, I
-> >can't find an implementation for 2.3...
-> I do a lot of testing from my Mac.  And in order to get Python 2.4 for 
-> OS X I have to build it myself.  Which is an extra step I really don't  
-> need in my busy QA life.  Plus a lot of Mac users prolly don't know how 
-> to build stuff.  Even I only have a vague idea.
-> That's my opinion anyway.

OK, you're right, that's a killer.  Didn't even think of that (and I
work from an iBook!).

python2.3 it is...


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