[twill] Debugging twill

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Tue Nov 22 10:26:35 PST 2005

-> > suresh, I've also fixed something to do with your error message.  It's
-> > still an error, but it may be more illuminating...
-> Thanks, Titus.
-> I was able to make it work by patching _mech_open() method in _mechanize.py as 
-> follows:
-> Around line 281, change
-> <       self._response = UserAgent.open(self, self.request, data)
-> to
->  >       try:
->  >           self._response = UserAgent.open(self, self.request, data)
->  >       except urllib2.HTTPError, e:
->  >           self._response = e
-> Do you think this is correct?

It makes me more interested than ever in what is happening in your case!
If you look in 'utils.py', function 'journey', I do almost exactly the
same thing.  I don't have a good idea of where your approach should
differ the one in twill already... I'll have to look at the code with
this in mind.


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