[twill] query: docs, and web site.

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Tue Nov 15 11:25:22 PST 2005

Hi all,

now that twill seems to be getting some minimal press & some users (e.g
lots of bug reports lately -- thanks, I think ;), I'm trying to plan
a bit more.  So, two questions:

1) what do you think of the current doc format?  (reST-based all-in-one

	It seems like there are several types of twill users:

	 - non-Python programmers who primarily want to interact with
	 	sites through the scripting language;
	 - Python programmers who want to interact with sites by using
		twill in their own code, either by writing extensions or
		by importing twill code;
	 - hardcore Python programmers who are engaged in monkeying
	 	with fairly deep internal code.

	I could reorganize the docs into a multilayered format, with
	basic commands up front, some info on the Python interfaces
	at the next level down, and then epydoc/reST based source-code
	docs under it all.

	What do you think?  Is it worth the effort?

2) should I set up a Trac project site?

	Right now I'm operating on the "solo developer" model, where
	people send me patches and/or bugs by e-mail.  darcs makes it
	easy for people to fork twill and put their own patches in, so
	there's little danger of my occasionally overloaded schedule
	blocking personal development of twill.

	If I set up a Trac site, then we would have editable Wiki
	pages for user docs together with a bug-reporting system and a
	milestone tracking system.  I could even make the reST docs
	editable by users.

	The big advantage of a Trac site is that people could input
	longer-term concerns and TODO items without feeling that they're
	infringing on me personally.

	The disadvantage is that keeping such a site alive takes a
	bit of community effort, I *think*.

	Again, what do you all think?


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