[twill] twill-latest.tar.gz vs twill-0.7.3-20051110.tar.gz

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Thu Nov 10 17:40:53 PST 2005

-> Could you possibly number the -latest versions somehow?  Or release more
-> frequently?  Every time I grab a -latest I have to carefully set it
-> beside the other ones, renaming stuff, mapping a date to a package
-> release number, before building my .deb for it.  ;-)

What, once a month isn't good enough for you? ;)

I'm trying to make this next release (0.8) into a fully tested & updated
version.  I just keep on finding bugs... sigh.

I will also start dating significant -latest updates.

-> If you haven't done so already (couldn't find evidence of it in the
-> .tar.gz) you might want to script the release process you use.

'darcs dist' is what I'm using, but I guess I could put in a bit of a


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