[twill] Automatic e-mail control.

bernardo fattori blatt447477 at yahoo.it
Sun Nov 6 12:02:31 PST 2005

Hi Titus,
your first answer was not like this one... I can
perfectly accept your critics, also if I am "tetchy"
(... so, at least, I improve my English!).

I didn't think that my English was so bad...

-> Logging into the mail operator URL 
-> (yahoo in my case) is different if you use 
-> "go + URL" in interactive twill or using a browser
-> (clicking for ex. on a bookmark item).

Indeed it must not be English, if you say: 
-> It sounds to me like you didn't use twill to log ->

But in the end I must confess that I've lost my hopes
of finding a mean to emulate the user.
Twill can automatically operate on web (loading URLs,
filling forms, pressing buttons and so on) but it is
obviously different from browsers, and html servers
(for security reasons) can reject it or divert it
through the initialization or login phase.
What I need is a "macro" language which emulates the
user, but it seems that it is impossible in Linux...

Nevertheless I will keep on testing on twill, because
it can allow a certain degree of automation.

Besides that I want to learn more on Internet
operations and on cookies in particular. 
By the way, IMHO, you, as the author, should know
where your program save the cookies (if not from where
they come from with "load_cookies?)
If you have this info, that can be of some utility,
also only just to deepen my know-how on cookies 
(very poor till now).


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