[twill] Automatic e-mail control.

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sat Nov 5 14:10:04 PST 2005

-> Hi Titus,
-> also if you are the author of twill, that
-> doesn't signify I'm stupid, and don't understand the
-> basic things...
-> Logging into the mail operator URL (yahoo in my case)
-> is different if you use "go + URL" in interactive
-> twill or using a browser (clicking for ex. on a
-> bookmark item).
-> With twill you are always sent to the login page,
-> while in the other case the most of times you
-> bypass the login and your email situation  is directly
-> displayed into your monitor.
-> I think that this is a security feature (solved by
-> employing cookies).
-> However I must confess  I know almost anything
-> about cookies and how they are employed.
-> Perhaps I'm really stupid and the correct 
-> procedure for loading  a web page is too 
-> complicated for me...
-> Bye.

Your original e-mail said nothing about how you were getting to the
page; you didn't mention submitting a form.  No need to be so tetchy ;).

It sounds to me like you didn't use twill to log in.  You're correct
in believing that you need to set cookies, but there's no general way to
import cookies from a browser into twill: and, more importantly, there's
no need.

So, use twill to go to the login form, and then fill it out and
submit it.  Once you submit it, the login form will set cookies
inside of twill and you should be able to get into your mailbox.

You can use 'show_cookies' and 'save_cookies' to view & save the cookies
so that you don't have to log in every time; use 'load_cookies' to load
them back in.

Hope that helps.


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