[twill] Automatic e-mail control.

bernardo fattori blatt447477 at yahoo.it
Sat Nov 5 07:30:21 PST 2005

Hello all,
I am new of this mailing list but I appreciate very
much twill as a tool for web automation.
Not being a professional programmer I am not
interested in automatic web application testing...)
I want instead to make a python script to control my
e-mails and eventually save them locally.
However, when I launch the web reference for my
e-mails, twill loads the login page.

IMHO, this is due to cookies. Where are they stored?
And can I load the standard cookies (with my
username/password) which are surely loaded when I make
an interactive launch from the browser.

I forgot: I use SUSE 9.3 and twill is the only tool I
have found to enable macro programming in Linux.

Being a noob, I have some difficulties to operate on 
URLs needing login or cookies...



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