[twill] Fwd: darcs patch: use package setup for tests

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Mon Dec 19 08:21:25 PST 2005


-> From: jpellerin at gmail.com <jpellerin at gmail.com>
-> Date: Dec 13, 2005 7:47 PM
-> Subject: darcs patch: use package setup for tests
-> To: titus at idyll.org
-> Cc: jpellerin at gmail.com
-> Sun Dec 11 19:00:29 CST 2005  jpellerin+nose at gmail.com
->   * use package setup for tests
->   A patch from author of nose (Jason Pellerin, jpellerin+nose at gmail.com) to use
->   package-level setup in tests and change the name of the testlib to
->   twilltestlib.
->   The good:
->     - Cuts full test run time to 15s from 45s (on my powerbook)
->     - Reduces boilerplate code in test modules
->     - Avoids running testlib as a test module
->     - Seems to prevent something I've seen under the per-module server setup
->       regime, where the forked server process can't start and tries to exit with
->       SystemExit, resulting (since unittest catches everything) in multiple
->       nosetests runs in multiple processes simultaneously trying to run the same
->       tests (and failing, over and over and over)
->   The bad/ugly:
->     - Most tests can't be run using if __name__ == '__main__' anymore. Those
->       that need the test server have to be run with nosetest's single-module
->       command, for example: nosetests -f tests/test-back.py

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