[twill] ANN: twill-0.8.1, Web browsing language

C. Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sat Dec 10 16:28:35 PST 2005

ANNOUNCING twill v0.8.1.

twill is a simple language for browsing the Web.  It's designed for
automated testing of Web sites, but it can be used to interact with
Web sites in a variety of ways.  In particular, twill supports form
submission, cookies, redirects, and HTTP authentication.

A twill script to use the "I'm feeling lucky" button on Google looks
like this:

     setlocal query "twill Python"

     go http://www.google.com/

     fv 1 q $query
     submit btnI     # use the "I'm feeling lucky" button


(Note that using this script abuses Google's Terms of Service.  So don't.)

This is the seventh public release of twill, version 0.8.1.

You can install twill with easy_install, or download this release at


Documentation is included in the .tar.gz and is also online at


Miscellaneous details:

twill is implemented in Python and uses pyparsing and mechanize.  In
addition to the existing simple command language, twill can easily be
extended with Python.  twill also provides a fairly simple and
well-documented wrapper around mechanize.

twill does not understand JavaScript, I'm sorry to say.


New features:

     * match_parse extension (sureshvv);

     * formfile fix for uploading binary files (Tom Parker);

     * several patches for checkbox/hidden problems (tv);

     * Referer: headers now correctly added on form submissions (Tom 

     * documentation reorganization.

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