[twill] Multiple submit buttons

Tom Parker palfrey at tevp.net
Wed Dec 7 15:56:16 PST 2005

Forms sometimes come with multiple submit buttons. Sometimes they're the 
same, sometimes they're different. Often, a group of submit buttons will 
be repeated in different places on a form. Which 'blah' button you press 
generally doesn't matter, and can be checked by testing the name and 
value fields. I've attached a patch to modify the 
'_all_the_same_checkbox' function in browser.py to also check submit 
buttons. In order to facilitate this, and also to make things a bit 
safer for the 'checkbox' and 'hidden' fields already handled, it has 
been renamed to '_all_the_same_control' and the 'value' field of the 
control is checked as well as the 'name' field.

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Tom Parker
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