[twill] Referrer issues

Tom Parker palfrey at tevp.net
Sat Dec 3 17:16:22 PST 2005

Titus Brown wrote:
> yep, right you are: submit didn't add the referer header.  I've fixed
> this & put it in the -latest, at
> 	http://darcs.idyll.org/~t/projects/twill-latest.tar.gz
> For easy_install, you should be able to do
> 	easy_install -f http://issola.caltech.edu/~t/dist/ twill
> to upgrade.
> Let me know if this doesn't work for you & we'll keep on fixing problems

Yay! Thanks, that's fixed. However, now testing the script with the 
fixes spots me another problem - formfile() in commands.py just does a 
plain open, where as to properly open non-text files on Windows requires 
open(filename,'rb') rather than just relying on a 'r'. According to the 
Python docs, this should also work fine for systems where they don't 
treat opening binary and text files differently. Without this fix, I get 
400 bytes loaded as opposed to the proper 44kb I'm trying to upload.

Also, doing

easy_install http://darcs.idyll.org/~t/projects/twill-latest.tar.gz

worked, but just using the line you suggested didn't, and just left me 
at v0.8.


Tom Parker

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