[TIP] Coverage report on host of data collected inside containers

Shiran_BenIsrael at amat.com Shiran_BenIsrael at amat.com
Thu Jul 28 08:26:14 PDT 2022

My use case is as follows
My test is devised of several different processes. Each inside its own container. I would like to get a single coverage report on the entire test
The python packages that I would like to track are usually installed in the base python of the containers, and in one container it is in virtual environment (instead of base python)
I output a different .coverage file for each and would like to

  1.  Combine them (they do share some libraries that I would like to get coverage on)
  2.  Report to html

The issue is that the paths are local to the container which captured the coverage
I would like to run combine and report on the host.
I know that for combine I can use [paths] to alias different paths that are the same (haven't worked with it yet since I am trying to run a single process at first).
I am not sure how to get the correct paths in the report.
When I run report I get an error of "no source for code" which makes sense but I can't find a way to run the report on the host even though all of the code exists on the host.


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