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Hi Stefan,

On Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 7:25 AM Stefan Scherfke <stefan at sofa-rockers.org>

> Then about about these incremental changes?
> 1. It should not be to hard to change the order in which a test’s name,
>    the test’s output and the test result are printed?
>    The current default is not too readable:
>     tests/test_stuff.py::test_xy has this test PASSED OR FAILED PASSED
>    In the example above, its quite hard to see that "has this test
>    PASSED OR FAILED" is the tests output and not pytest-output.
>    We could copy pytest-sugar's formatting to make it more readable:
>     has this test PASSED OR FAILED
>      tests/test_suff.py::test_xy PASSED

What do you mean by "the test’s output"? You probably don't mean things
like print() and such as those are captured and shown at the end of the run.

> 2. Since pytest already can color its output, we could color
>    the test dir and test file (in non-verbose mode) or test-path and
>    test-func (in verbose mode) in different collors.

Sounds good!

> 3. We could also show the progress in verbose mode.

We currently show the progress (percentage or count) in verbose mode. Do
you mean a progress bar?

> 4. We could colorize the dots and Fs of test results in non-verbose
>    mode (e.g., green ".", red "F", yellow "x", …)

Sounds good as well.

> 5. Another idea would be to allow the user to provide templates for
>    test output (similar to what you can to with hg/git log formatting)

This personally feels like a little too bloat, but if others think this is
nice then OK. This would be an option specific to the terminal plugin.

> These would be relatively small changes which don’t add any new
> dependency or a lot of complexity to pytest but would improve the UX.

Those are all plausible ideas, feel free to create issues to them in the
tracker. Furthermore, some of them, specially 4, are really simple and
candidates for a PR. :)

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