[TIP] pytest-sugar -> pytest

Daniel Knüttel daniel.knuettel at daknuett.eu
Wed Sep 19 04:03:33 PDT 2018

Hi Stefan,

I think sugar should be considered a customization that should not be
integrated as the default layout. There are several reasons:

1. The use of funny characters. Pytest is one of the most basic tools
for developing anything in python. It should work properly on any
platform and I think that the funny characters would break that.
2. I think the default pytest output is easier to read, especially when
it is integrated in another command (like `make test`). And the error
messages are easier to read (in my opinion).

However I think that there are some changes that could be adapted to
the default pytest output:

1. Use colors for highlighting the file name. That would be great.
2. The list of failed/error'ed tests in the end is great.

The option `--capute:no` did not work for me.

Daniel Knüttel <daniel.knuettel at daknuett.eu>

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