[TIP] pytest-sugar -> pytest

Stefan Scherfke stefan at sofa-rockers.org
Wed Sep 19 02:08:03 PDT 2018

Hi all,

I recently stumbled across pytest-sugar

This plug-in produces quite similar, but slightly nicer/more clear
output.  Some examples:

- different highlighting for test directories / files / functions, which
  makes it easier to visually group the output.

- Green checkmakrs (✓) instead of dots for passed tests.

- When run with "--capute:no -vv", pytest produces output like 
  "{testname} {captured output} {outcome}" while pytest sugar prints
  "{caputured output}\n{testname} {outcome}" which is IMHO more

This is all nothing big or special, but in sum it improves the
readability of pytest’s output quite a bit.

I think it might make sense to merge/integrate pytest-sugar into pytest
(or just modify pytest’s default output format).  What do you think?


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