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Daniel Knüttel daniel.knuettel at daknuett.eu
Sun Sep 16 01:44:21 PDT 2018

Hi James,

Your plugin seems to be really helpful, especially for young
programmers. I am pretty sure that I will enforce the usage of this
plugin for my junior developers :-P.

Just like you I think that formalization is a big improvement for all
parts of software development but most tests are more like a dirty hack
to get stuff done although it is most important to understand them fast
and perfectly.

By the way: do you know a way to help young developers to understand
test driven development and to implement it in their workflow?
I often face the problem that they use a python shell or a small "main
script" to debug their code instead of writing actual tests. Which is
extremely annoying in a team, in particular when they ask you for help
and there is no test (or the "main script") on the VCS.


Am Mittwoch, den 12.09.2018, 22:32 +0100 schrieb James Cooke:
> Hi all,
> If you're using something like the Arrange Act Assert pattern (AAA) /
> Given When Then for writing your Python tests and Flake8 for linting
> your code, then I'd be interested in your feedback on a Flake8 plugin
> that I've been working on called flake8-aaa: https://github.com/james
> cooke/flake8-aaa
> This plugin is in beta and currently checks four basic rules to help
> break a test into three distinct blocks: https://flake8-aaa.readthedo
> cs.io/en/stable/rules.html and is based on the description that I've
> put together for AAA here: https://jamescooke.info/arrange-act-
> assert-pattern-for-python-developers.html .
> Some background: I wrote the plugin because I found that I was
> slipping when following the AAA pattern and Adam (who some of you
> might know https://github.com/adamchainz/) suggested that I write a
> Flake8 plugin. It's currently kind of self-hosted (in that it tests
> its own tests at test time), plus I'm using it happily at work and in
> some open source projects.
> Please let me know via email or GitHub issues if:
> - You like the idea and want more!
> - You have any tests that failed any of the current four checks, but
> think they shouldn't have.
> - Conversely, you've found a test that passed, but you think it
> shouldn't have.
> - This kind of thing is interesting, but you'd prefer a plugin for
> pylint.
> - You've spotted that my plugin's code is terrible and how I should
> improve it (PRs welcome ;) )
> - There's already something that does this / some other package that
> I should be putting my efforts into.
> Thanks for reading and happy testing!
> James
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