[TIP] ANN: Datatest 0.9.2 released (test driven data-wrangling)

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Thu Aug 9 17:28:27 PDT 2018


I'm happy to announce that Datatest 0.9.2 is now available.
This update includes improved data handling features and
support for Python 3.7.

Datatest supports test driven data-wrangling, data validation, and
analysis (for both pytest and unittest style testing).

 * Docs: http://datatest.readthedocs.io/
 * PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/datatest/
 * Devel: https://github.com/shawnbrown/datatest

What's New in Datatest 0.9.2

* Changed Query class:
    * Added flatten() method to serialize dictionary results.
    * Added to_csv() method to quickly save results as a CSV file.
    * Changed reduce() method to accept "initializer_factory" as
      an optional argument.
    * Changed filter() method to support predicate matching.
* Added True and False as predicates to support "truth value testing" on
  arbitrary objects (to match on truthy or falsy).
* Added ProxyGroup class for performing the same operations on groups of
  objects at the same time (a common need when testing against reference
* Changed Selector class keyword filtering to support predicate matching.
* Added handling to get_reader() to support datatest's Selector and Result
* Fixed get_reader() bug that prevented encoding-fallback recovery when
  reading from StringIO buffers in Python 2.
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