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Oliver Bestwalter oliver at bestwalter.de
Mon Apr 2 11:49:18 PDT 2018

The tox team is proud to announce the 3.0.0 release!

tox aims to automate and standardize testing in Python. It is part of a
larger vision of easing the packaging, testing and release process of
Python software.

This is a major breaking release mainly because we're dropping support of
Python versions 2.6 and 3.3.

There are also some long awaited changes like making tox less chatty with
one or several -q flags and added support for negated factor conditions.

All in all we closed 79 issues and 83 pull requests. Details about the
changes can be found in the CHANGELOG:

For the complete documentation, please visit

As usual, you can upgrade from pypi via:

    pip install --upgrade tox

or - if you also want to get pre release versions:

    pip install -upgrade --pre tox

Many thanks to all present and past contributors to tox. Have a look at
https://github.com/tox-dev/tox/blob/master/CONTRIBUTORS to see who

Happy toxing,
the tox-dev team
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