[TIP] Functional test framework library for python

Matthew Harelick mharelick at fastmail.fm
Fri May 5 06:42:12 PDT 2017


I am looking for a functional test framework written in Python.   I am not testing Python applications.  However the  internal language of the Application Under Test is not relevant.  I am sending inputs and validating messages that are received.  I am creating the libraries that are connecting to message streams for the system  under test.  I need a test control and reporting framework hopefully written in python. 

I do not want to use Cucumber / BDD  based tools.   Creating tests using keywords like 

I see the login screen
I enter the user name in the user field. 
I enter the password in the password field. 
I press the login  button. 
I see the intro screen

is like writing tests in COBOL. 

It also greatly limits the flexibility of what you can do in a real language 

I realize the point of this is to make it easier for testers and project managers to understand tests but its too great a sacrifice in terms of expressibility. 

We need the test case , test suite structure that is avialable in pyunit, but I would like the nice html output that is available in the robot framework.  I can provide more information, but  I am not sure what else I need to specify. 


Matthew Harelick 

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