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Terry Peppers peppers at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 16:10:22 PDT 2017

After a couple of years of laying low, TiP BoF is going to make a comeback
for PyCon 2017. Heroku has decided to sponsor thanks to Kenneth Reitz. It's
on premise, so it's subject to the code of conduct. There'll be Event Brite
"tickets" as well as bar with drink tickets; hors dourves are also on the

Here's the thing, though, will you come, will you help organize it and most
importantly will you help police it?

I'm thinking ...

- Dual Screens
- 60 - 90 Minutes / 10 - 15 Lightning Talks
- Combination of Veterans ... 5-7 "Audience" Slots
- 100 Event Brite Tickets
- Dedicated Commentators in a Dedicated Section
- Best Talk Wins a Heroku Lab Coat
- Deputized "Coordinators" Who Will Ask People to Leave if CoC is Busted

Commentators will sit at a specific set of tables. These are hand picked
veterans, who understand the rules of engagement.

So ... will you come ... will you help?
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