[TIP] Library supporting fixture composition: kt.testing

Fred Drake fred at fdrake.net
Tue Mar 22 10:52:18 PDT 2016

kt.testing is a new library for test fixture composition we've created
at Keeper Technology (http://www.keepertech.com/).  The first public
release (1.0.0) was made available yesterday.

We use this with unittest.TestCase-derived test classes where additional
APIs are desired for deal with integration with other packages.  An
integration and test support API for the popular requests library is

We've been using this with Python 2.7.

The package is available on PyPI and GitHub:


There's documentation, but it's probably lacking.  Feel free to ask
questions here.

We hope others find this useful.


Fred L. Drake, Jr.    <fred at fdrake.net>
"A storm broke loose in my mind."  --Albert Einstein

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