[TIP] python testing sprint 06-2016

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Tue Mar 15 15:43:43 PDT 2016

Hi Philipp,

On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 22:45 +0100, Philipp Gniewosz wrote:
> Hello,
> " (...) Other contributors and experienced newcomers are invited to join as well"
> --I'd like to join but I wonder what "experienced newcomers" acutally means?
> I'm new to pytest and just wrote a couple of tests  - so to participate in the sprint could be a ideal opportunity to expand my knowledge.
> But if it's  going to be a expert hackathon it would be a little overdone for my recent purposes.  Thanks in advance for your help.

when i wrote "experienced newcomers" I meant newcomers as in contributing to pytest core 
and "experienced" to mean that somewhat thorough experiences with pytest usage are needed,
indeed.  What you write does not sound like that but i can't really say -- also depends a bit
on your other experiences with testing and python coding.


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