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hello  Perry, 
i am EE and software guy in C,c++, c# and now python where i have developed test frameworks myself and used frameworks made by others as well.    tools i have developed are used to program, configure and test various devices, modules and prototypes at all stages of new electronic device development. on feeding variables, you need to follow OOP design practices by creating new classes containing public get/set accessors; i.e. if the hardware interface is LAN, you could build in a class with an overloaded constructor with overloads as follows;class Tcp:     Tcp():     //use declared default ip address and port       ...     Tcp(ipAddress):     //use default port and new ipaddress     ...     Tcp(ipAddress, Port):      //use new ipaddress and port

does this give you ideas Perry?
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    On Wednesday, June 22, 2016 8:11 AM, Perry Johnson <Perry.Johnson at efi.com> wrote:

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