[TIP] Why do you use "autouse" fixtures?

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* Brian Okken <variedthoughts at gmail.com> [2016-07-26 12:14:30 -0700]:
> If you use "autouse" fixtures, I'd like to know why.
> Here are a few examples I can think of:
> * Work that needs done before, between, or after each test run that doesn't
> affect the outcome of the test.
>     * Maybe we have long running suites and we want to update some
> reporting system whenever a test finishes.
> * The system under test has error logs that need to be interrogated.
>     * The tests maybe should check these logs and fail if new errors are
> created. But just in case the test writer forgets, we can check error logs
> and assert if there's something there. This will cause the test to Error.
> Not as strong as a Fail, but better than missing the problem.
> Are there more reasons?

Some other random examples from my testsuite:

- In conftest.py to fail tests on warnings (though I should probably
  switch to pytest-warnings with -Werror)

- To monkeypatch something away for all tests in a given module or class

- Same, to get deterministic outcomes with randomness involved:

- To save/restore some behaviour the code under test modifies:

- To set up something all tests need to work (but don't need to access

- To do some kind of cleanup after each test (your first example?):


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