[TIP] call for crowd-help with enabling the accurate import of tox issues to github

Ronny Pfannschmidt opensource at ronnypfannschmidt.de
Thu Jul 7 14:27:11 PDT 2016

Hi everyone,

we want to move tox to github before the next release.

however unlike the move of pytest (where we had issues with the mapping
of bitbucket usernames to git usernames )
we'd like to get started on that with a more accurate usermap

for that purpose i prototyped a small tool to deal with usermaps and
apply them to issues
however now that it mostly works, the crowd-sourceable problem is apparent,

there are dozens and dozens of usernames to verify and mark as correct,
renamed or missing

i hope for some volunteers to help me over the weekend/some free time to
run trough those in some coordination to get a reasonable amount of
those marked

my current process for the usermap is in
and currently many of those are null instead of True or matching, False
for missing or a string for telling the new name.

my hope is that sunday evening i can present a import that is reasonably
complete and acceptable as something we can move to the tox-dev org i
created on github

afterwards we will just pull the history into the repo and rejoice

Regards, Ronny

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